Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dog Blog ... A review


Last month we had the honor to receive a free package from and the girls loved it! So when we were contacted again to review some more items, we were so excited!

This month we are reviewing a grooming tool called a FURminator Dual Brush that you can find  Here and Primal Turkey Liver Munchies that you can find Here.

We are no strangers to FURminator products.  Both girls get groomed with a FURminator at home. We were thrilled to try the brush and the girls loved it!

The Primal Turkey Liver Munched were a double hit! I cannot say enough about our experience as Blog reviewers for The Golden Girls are so excited to get their box and the products are of the highest quality.

Here's what the girls thought about the experience ... A happy dog is a chewy dog!

Ding-Dong ...

It's a box !!!

Bailey, "I've got the prize!"

"Also, Mine!"
"Not anymore, Sister!"

Dad trying to trade ...
Bailey likes it!
Bella, so sweet ...
Thanks, Chewy!


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