Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday is not so "Super"

Super Tuesday, is, well ... Not so Super!

As a self proclaimed optimist, this election year has been a challenge I was not prepared for. In my fifty-six years of life, I've never ever felt so helpless. From the candidates to the media, the issues, social media and last but not least, people.

Regardless of my experiences, my beliefs, my views ...  Looking at what is happening in this country has cast a dark cloud over my head.  I go online and at every turn, I am hit in the face with images and text that has been ripped out of the history books. Not the history books that told us that America is a great country. Not the country to be proud of; The country to love.

Today is "Super Tuesday" and for me it's not so "Super."  It's a spectacle. A spectacle pit stop from the track we've been on. A media frenzy that's powered by greed. The greed that fuels the "anger train" that has taken over this election. Fueled by fear, hatred and dismay ... The political "wheels" have been running in reverse.

When we witness on social media, hatred and violence regarding our political process, we are witnessing the electronic Civil War of the 21st century. Our civil liberties are threatened. Our civil liberties are diminished. 

Regardless of my experiences, my beliefs, my views ... I know right from wrong. I know good from evil. I know hate from love. I know.  What I don't know is how hate has empowered this election to breed hate. For prejudice to breed prejudice. For violence to breed violence. 

In a fight between what I see happening and what I know is possible, I have to believe that there will be light. That the America I believe in will heal herself. That the noise will go away and the volume will lessen. This can't happen fast enough.

I do have experiences, beliefs and views ... They are a powerful part of who I am. I believe in humanity. I believe in this country.  

It's time to believe together ...

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