Friday, June 10, 2016

For the Voiceless, The Invisible, The Victims of Rape ...

Hello ...

I'm going to let my Blog "take a twist" for a few ...

I find myself thinking and thinking about things that to me, seem important for the World to know. Here I am, unknown to you, talking back at CNN, MSNBC, Facebook, Twitter and Print. It's like a little "comment box" comes up and scrolls across media with my commentary, frustration and disdain.

So, yea, you thought this first one out of the gate would be political. Well, not so fast. Although I've wasted countless hours worrying about everything I cannot change about the Presidential Primaries, it's not the "thing." 

This is.

In the News ... 
Outrage for Stanford Swimmer who "sexually assaulted" an unconscious young Woman behind a dumpster. Father writes letter that Son should not have his life ruined for "20 minutes of action." Son gets 6 months and probation.

Well, first of all, Four Fuckers are better than one. Shame on the Rapist, Shame on his Father, Shame on the Judge and last but not least, Shame on Society.

Yes, Society. 

You heard me right. Here we are again, A "Stanford Athlete" makes the news and the victim of his crime is victimized over and over so that we, Society, can revel in our higher level of consciousness and righteousness. 


Where's the outrage for the forgotten? The countless Women who are raped, molested and assaulted daily. The Women who are shamed over and over for being dressed a certain way, "knowing" her attacker, drinking alcohol or not adding up to what "we think" is an acceptable existence. Can a prostitute or a girl who ends up in porn be raped?

Yes, Every day.

Today I'd like to tell you what happens to me when I run into said "outrage" at every turn of the Internet. I think about that "20 minutes of action" and I feel in every bone of my body how diminishing that statement is compared to the life altering reality of being a victim of rape.

As Americans, we are outraged by Rape Cultures in the World. What about our Rape Culture? The one that says a Woman, just by virtue of being a Woman, that little girl twirling her tutu, skipping to get to you faster, that smile, the way she moves with pure innocence is an object to be penetrated.


Me, you, someone you know. No one you know. The faceless, the nameless, the invisible impairment that girls and Women live with, alone. Absolutely alone. 

But, this case is different? 

Yes, you are right. Different in that the young Woman was unconscious and therefore vulnerable at the highest level. Different that it happened behind a dumpster, giving the visual connotation that she was "trash." So many reasons to be outraged. But what about all the other vulnerable Women who are raped? Where is the outrage for them?

Take the case of a Woman with a brain injury as a result of a gun shot. An injury that left her without an eye, any short-term memory or judgment. She's at a Christmas Eve Party at the Nursing Facility where she lives. No one realizes she's missing. Did she walk off or did someone lure her away ...

Where is she?

Meanwhile, Two employees slip away for a smoke break and they hear commotion in a room that has been unoccupied. They think, "I wonder who's in there" thinking it's two employees who had slipped away for a sex break. 

A Woman walks out, clothes disheveled, confused. A male nurse shortly follows while zipping up his pants and looking side to side down the hall to see if the "coast is clear." They wait, they watch and they directly report the incident to their Supervisor.

The Woman is taken to the hospital and a rape kit is performed. Semen is found and DNA testing is available. It was not performed. Instead, the Defense Attorney for the Rapist argued that "she could have had sex with anyone" and that "she is not a credible witness."

Not Credible?

Did you mean not capable of giving consent or being a witness? Surely that's what you meant. Never mind, you didn't. You actually meant that this Woman was not important enough to protect. She was invisible, she was unknown, her attack wasn't "viral" material. The case fits within the range of  acceptable "rape."


After almost two years, a DNA test linking him to the semen, another sexual incident linked to the rapist in a nursing facility surfaced that had been covered up by the State of Washington Nursing Board and many plea bargains later, the State of Washington sentenced the Male Nurse Fuck to Four Fucking years in Prison. 

That was November 18, 2005. That was my Sister Sandy's and my Birthday. I know that, because we were in the Courtroom. We were there watching our Mom stand before the Judge, her voice quivering and  holding a picture of my older Sister, Debbie who had died a month earlier from Liver Disease. The Liver Disease that she had contracted through rape from the Fuck who knowingly had Hepatitis C. and apparently no use for a condom. The Fuck in the orange jump suit before us. 

Often I am asked how Debbie died. I usually answer with "it's complicated." It is complicated. Most people can't wrap their brain around the double tragedy of my Sister being shot in the head by one Fuck at age 25 and then being murdered 27 years later by another Fuck who "shot her" with his penis and infected her with his disease. A disease she suffered with for over a year and until her last breath. All from "20 minutes of Action."

For Debbie, Today you're not invisible and you always mattered ...


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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday is not so "Super"

Super Tuesday, is, well ... Not so Super!

As a self proclaimed optimist, this election year has been a challenge I was not prepared for. In my fifty-six years of life, I've never ever felt so helpless. From the candidates to the media, the issues, social media and last but not least, people.

Regardless of my experiences, my beliefs, my views ...  Looking at what is happening in this country has cast a dark cloud over my head.  I go online and at every turn, I am hit in the face with images and text that has been ripped out of the history books. Not the history books that told us that America is a great country. Not the country to be proud of; The country to love.

Today is "Super Tuesday" and for me it's not so "Super."  It's a spectacle. A spectacle pit stop from the track we've been on. A media frenzy that's powered by greed. The greed that fuels the "anger train" that has taken over this election. Fueled by fear, hatred and dismay ... The political "wheels" have been running in reverse.

When we witness on social media, hatred and violence regarding our political process, we are witnessing the electronic Civil War of the 21st century. Our civil liberties are threatened. Our civil liberties are diminished. 

Regardless of my experiences, my beliefs, my views ... I know right from wrong. I know good from evil. I know hate from love. I know.  What I don't know is how hate has empowered this election to breed hate. For prejudice to breed prejudice. For violence to breed violence. 

In a fight between what I see happening and what I know is possible, I have to believe that there will be light. That the America I believe in will heal herself. That the noise will go away and the volume will lessen. This can't happen fast enough.

I do have experiences, beliefs and views ... They are a powerful part of who I am. I believe in humanity. I believe in this country.  

It's time to believe together ...

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Dog Blog ... A Review


This month the Golden Girls were so excited to get their box. We are so lucky to be able to do these reviews. Our reviews are voluntary and in our own words. The girls are getting so good at this and they really believe that every delivery must be theirs!

Bella found them! Bailey's got a strategy ...

This month the girls were happy to review these amazing dental treats ... Blue Buffalo Dental Bones were a big hit! Here's the information that we read in order to make our choice of what we wanted to

Product Description
Blue Buffalo Dental Bones All Natural Regular Dog Treats are tasty and highly digestible dental chews that help freshen your dog’s breath and make his teeth sparkle. These medium sized bones are great for dogs 25-50 lbs. They’re the only dental chews with a unique blend of natural ingredients that help promote specific health benefits.
Key Benefits
  • Ideal for dogs 25-50 lbs
  • Made with the finest natural ingredients
  • No chicken or poultry by-product meals
  • No corn, wheat or soy
It was easy to see that the girls would benefit from this product. They also loved the taste. Nom Nom.

Yep, she had a plan!  "Mine"

Thank you for another great product for us to review!

"Woof" "Woof"

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dog Blog ... Chewy.Com Review!

Happy New Year,  Dog Blog Readers!

We're a little late on this months review, but just on time for the new year! The Golden Girls never fail to get soooooo excited when they see the chewy box!

This month we decided to try the Raw Boost Mixers by Instinct. 

These protein packed kibble are designed to add health and vitality to our girl's dinner. There are a whopping 24 servings in every bag. It wasn't dinner time when we opened the box, but nonetheless, the girls LOVED the kibble!

"Look, Mom has a Chewy Box!"

"What cha got, Sister?"

"Woo Hoo ... Paper!

I seriously think chewy could just send paper :)

"Something's in there"

"I want one!"

The kibble was a hit! The girls loved their sample and it will be great to have this handy additive to their meals. Thank you so much, Chewy for allowing us to try out these healthy treats!


Friday, October 30, 2015

Dog Blog - A Chewy.Com Review!

 It's Chewy Time!

It's October and what better way to celebrate the month for treats than to open not one, but two boxes from!

So what happens when I show the two "Golden Girls" they have not one, but two boxes of treats to review this month? 

"Yay, We got boxes and paper!"

 Once the "paper party" is over, Bailey is the one that gets down to business ...

Bailey, "Mine, all Mine!" Bella is content with a scrap of paper ...

 It amazes me every time the girls do a review that Bella is so timid when she's our active girl!

Curious, Curious Bella.
 Here's the line up and the links ...

So many treats, So little time ...
These girls loved all of them. They especially went crazy for the Salmon Jerky. The Pumpkin Treats were just the right size for a yummy snack and the Pumpkin Chicken Dental Chews are a hit!


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Friday, September 18, 2015

My Life with the Paparazzi ...

Yes, The Paparazzi !!!

I suppose if you're beautiful and or famous, there's a chance that you might elevate yourself to a status in which you are chased and followed by the Paparazzi ...

I'm here to tell you that there has never been a time in my life where I would want that. I, in fact, have never liked my picture taken by anyone. Until now ...

The other day I asked Tim if I could look through his phone to see if he had a picture I would like for a new FB profile pic. Well, I found one and so much more. It seems that my Tim has taken up being the iPhone "paparazzi" in my life since he retired in October. 

 No, no, no ... These are not glamour shots, but they do "catch me" as I am.  They "catch" me as I was and they just plain "catch me" ...

ME, the Beach and my iPad ...

ME, and the girls ...

ME, Ninja Painting ...

ME, Sweeping ...

ME, cooking at Matt's ...

ME, chillin in Mexico ...

 ME, Pups, Hammock and iPhone Necking ...

Shhhhh ... Secret Santa!

ME, "What beers do you have on tap?"

No, I'm not anyone who is elevated to the level of being chased by the "Paparazzi" ... But then again,
I don't need to be. I have my very own ... Tim!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

DOG BLOG ... A Review!

It's Chewy time!

I cannot say enough about our experience with What a honor and a pleasure to watch the Golden Girls get sooooo excited when they see their chewy box. This month, they had double fun as
we're catching up and doing two months as one!

I'll let the girls tell their stories ...

Chewy boxes!

"Oh, how we love Chewy boxes!"

"Gimme, Gimme, Gimme"


Thank you, Chewy! 

We all love our fur-babies and nothing is more exciting than seeing their faces when we show them a box! The results were final, they loved opening their boxes, chewing on the paper, trying all the treats. They seemed to favor the Beef Jerky Treats ... Nom, Nom, Nom!

We're happy to be part of the Chewy Family and I cannot tell you how incredibly surprised and touched I was when these flowers arrived as a condolence for the loss of my Sister. Thank you, Catherine and Chewy for everything!


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