Monday, November 10, 2014

I'll start Monday !?!

Who doesn't say that?

It's the day we use for goal-setting. As if Monday has some magic ingredient of will-power, grit and determination. "Monday, Monday ... so good to me?"

Survey says, Monday is not a "feel good" day for most people. Coming off of a weekend makes for a cranky Monday alarm and then there's returning to the "grind."

So let's look at why we say, "Monday" ... My theory is that it plays out in our minds like a wide open field with imaginary lines showing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday that give us a false sense of empowerment that we can make it to Friday with some super-power that will get us to the next Monday so we won't fail have to start over again. 

Super-power you say? Yes, we really believe that we can resurrect that part of us that got us through the last challenge we couldn't face alone. For me, she can leap into action, identify danger zones, shield temptation with one hand and juggle emotions with the other.  She wears a red cape.

Can Monday be trusted? No!  Monday is fickle. A mirage in fact. Every Friday when Monday enters our minds, it's been waiting to sabotage our goals. Monday, Monday ... you ARE a false sense of hope.  Monday, Monday ... you can be a true sense of disparity.

So what should be done with Monday? Replace it. Relieve it of it's perpetual duty as the starting line to live life to the fullest. With Monday out of the way, Tuesday can happen free of guilt and shame for  "failing" at whatever it was you thought Monday would change ...

Monday, Monday ... Imagine the possibilities if Monday wasn't in play? New Job? Exercise? Healthy Eating? If Monday has held you back, here's the truth. Monday never really had that power.  Peel back the day and what will be left is you. The magnificent and powerful you ...

Monday, Monday ... Get out of my way!  You. Are. Just. Another. Day.

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