Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What's a Weekend?

Hey, I'm back!

I've been a little busy fighting City Hall for the entire City. It's been a "I saw you on TV" kind of week and it's not over. More later.

Although I've enjoyed reading about everyone's long weekend. I have to be honest that I don't know what a weekend is anymore.

So, What's a Weekend? It's these conceptual units of time. Time for all the things that cannot be fit into the other five days. I've been retired for six years and although I remember what a weekend is, it no longer applies.

So what day is today? Oh, that's right, It's Tuesday. That pretty much means you all have only four days to work. Yay, Yay, Yay!

What's it mean for me? Every day is the same. Ask Matt and Jessi how many times I g-chat a message something like, "Hi" or "I love you" or "You there?" while they're at work. Sorry Kids!


Okay, weekends DO mean something to me. This last weekend was full of activities. Saturday I enjoyed the fruits of my labor when over 80 people showed up for a Neighborhood Flower Planting and Clean-Up I organize each year, Wow!

I also was able to spend some quality time with my Jessi Girl. Lots of heartfelt conversation, dreaming and realizing how the gap has closed between us as Mother and Daughter and that she can say, "Hey, can I talk to my friend about something?" Always, beautiful!

~ More beautiful on the inside ~

I'm so happy you all had such great weekends. Have a great week!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying ...

Hey, It's Monday and I have a lot to share!

Let's kick off this week with my favorite movie quote ... That's right. It doesn't matter how old or young we are. We have to "get busy Living or get busy Dying."

What is Living?
Is it merely survival and making our way through life or is it the leaps of faith and risks we take to have more? I don't mean more stuff. Anyone can have stuff. It's the more that starts you on this journey called life that you can write your own happy ending. It starts with dreaming. Dream small, Dream big, but most importantly ...  Dream!

What is Dying? 
Is it that space where our soul leaves our body and we find our eternal peace or is it perpetual dying where we feel flat, uninspired, helpless and doubtful of our future? I've been there and I know it's not easy to emerge from. There's that place I find within myself, she's youthful and she knows she has to
... Believe!

For me, getting busy living is how I'm taking up my space on this earth. Am I kind? Am I productive? Am I creative and inspired? Am I vulnerable? Am I happy? Because when I'm all of those, I help others live, too. It's uplifting to my own spirit to lift up another human being. Bar none.

So if we're talking about living and dying. Consider this. What if our own non religious personal heaven or hell is right now? We all have those images of the passing through the pearly gates or the clutches of the grim reaper pulling souls into hell. What if this is your heaven or hell on earth?  Are we in a dress rehearsal for what's to come or are we on that stage now and isn't now all that matters?

Shawshank Redemption doesn't only have my favorite quote, it also has this powerful message. When Red was asked by the Parole Board why he should be released, he resolved to his own truth. He told that guy he didn't give a shit if they thought he was reformed. What was important is that he'd talk to that kid. He'd teach him by sharing his wisdom. He'd stop the noise in that young mans head and tell him it's going to be alright. It's going to be alright ...

So talk to yourself. No matter our age, we've all lived a lot of life. It's a very powerful thing to realize what we already know can help shape our own future. We may not know what we want, but we can certainly start with what we don't want. And share. We all have experiences that we can help someone with. Look for opportunities to ease another person's burden with your story. Be relevant in people's lives.

I leave you this Monday with one challenge thought. Find a moment to concentrate on one thing, breathing. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths today. Feel the air travel from your lungs into your brain. Fuel that "think-er" and energize it with breath, not thoughts.  Then Dream ...

~ First Blog via my new MacBook ~
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Friday Favorites ... There's a Par-Tay for Jessi !!!

It's Friday and that means Favorites!

My first favorite is the day ... It's May 16th and that means it's Jessi's 1/2 Birthday!

 Jessi caught on by the time she was four that her brother received a special gift on Christmas Eve because it was his half birthday. So on this day when she was 4 1/2, she secretly called up both sets of her Grandparents and invited them to her 1/2 Birthday Party. When the phone rang and her Grandma asked what she could bring, we thought that was so sneaky cute that we ran to the store and bought a cake and that's how Jessi's 1/2 Birthday celebrations began ...

This Girl ...

Jessi and Blazer Girl, who was also a Favorite!

My next favorite is anything that makes me feel young ... I absolutely love to swing. I can swing for ever ...

I love, love, love watching my Girls at the Beach. This is one of my favorites where Bailey was teaching Bella about the Ocean ...


Tim is also my favorite. He worries about getting me coffee every morning, whether we're at home or away.
"Honey, do you want me to get you a coffee?" He doesn't even drink coffee ...

So I'm going to tease honor him by bringing up that he looks like Woody ...

These Guys ... They both received their Luxembourg Citizenship this week. I'm married to and the mother of a couple of Bur-gers. My family is recapturing the Citizenship of Tim's family that was lost when they immigrated into the U.S. in the 1800's. This is the pic I took the day they applied ...

Congrats !!!

Last but not least ... My favorite day is in jammies, no make-up and glasses. This  pretty much sums it up ...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oh Paleo! You are so hard to explain to people ...

Today I've decide to find the  f word courage to talk about what happens when I say I eat Paleo ...

A year ago I Changed my Life.
I decided to get healthy by becoming an athlete instead of worrying about being skinny. I first started walking 25 miles a week, then I found a Personal Trainer to help me get strong and changed how I nourish my body. 

People ask me about how I eat all the time. I eat Paleo. First response is usually, "Oh that fad caveman diet thingy?" I politely respond, "It's a lifestyle change for me." From there it's quick to assess whether or not they're really interested in the journey I'm on or if my answer should just be "I don't eat Bread." That pretty much gets this response ...

Why do people think it's a fad? Well, because they I have been on so many yo yo diets, so why would this be any different? You know who I'm talking about, those well meaning judges people who are seemingly interested in your weight health by calling you out on your "diet" and don't seem to understand that it can feel like this ...

I'm not saying that Paleo is the only way to go. I'm not suggesting that you should eat Paleo. Each person has their own journey and no two can be the same. Paleo for me is a bounty of healthy foods. I eat meat, eggs, veggies, healthy oils, some fruit and nuts, greek yogurt and a little cheese. I drink water, coffee, tea, red wine and an occasional beer. I use a little honey as a sweetener once in awhile. What I don't eat is grains, legumes, sugar, most dairy and anything fat free, sugar free, canned or boxed. It sure cuts down on reading labels. I know, I know ...

So crazy that I've lost 45 lbs. I wake up knowing I'm on the right track. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I don't have any more anxiety about what clothes I'm going to put on, what they'll look like, who will judge me or if I should just give up and "Call in Fat!" I'm not saying I'm free from the naysayer and party pooper in my head. I'm saying that for me, Paleo has changed my life because I don't even think about what foods I don't eat ... I just eat!

Yep, Just what I said. I just eat. No calorie counting, No measuring, No exchanges ... Just eating fresh foods that give me the energy I need to do the things I want. So the question is ... Would I have believed myself a year ago? Probably not. I did believe her, though ...

                                    My Trainer, Deb 54 years Young

Me ... 54 years Young

Thanks for listening to what it feels like people go through when we try to explain Paleo. Someday it could become mainstream and who knows, maybe even up there with the Herbivores ...

I do miss Toast, who wouldn't?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hump Day Confessions ... Oh MacBook!

It's Hump Day!

So for my confessions this week, I thought I should tell you that I'm perfect having a hard time coming up with things to confess so I thought I'd take you through my week with my MacBook.

First let me tell you how I felt about my old laptop. Other than the screen freezing and anything I typed delaying for days seconds I fantasized about doing this ...

So then I got a MacBook for Mother's Day and I was so excited to switch over to it that I could hardly wait and then I discovered that I was inept as a Mac user and have spent more time watching tutorials (on my iPad) and trying to find things than actually using it ... Confession: I'm not using it now #mommacbookfail

If that's not bad enough and that I'm trying to figure it out myself. Not only do my Kids have their MacBooks mastered, I have to deal with this ...

So I've figured out that I am going to need to swallow my pride do the prudent thing and call the Apple Store and make an appointment to go to the Genius Bar so I can feel dumb smart  ...

I've heard they're difficult appointments to get ...

I suppose another Store Bar works ...

Apple-Tini, anyone !?!

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Shit Grandma did this Weekend ...

Hey, Happy Monday!

Okay ... Seriously, I want to talk about my weekend. You know, You know it was Mother's Day weekend and yes I am one and it was amazing. I was so spoiled by my family starting with a scavenger hunt that ended in a MacBook Air and then came the bouquets of tulips and a beautiful orchid plant from the Golden Girls with a handcrafted itty bitty card by their Dad.

Saturday, Jessi and I took Grandma out for breakfast. We went to The Black Rabbit at Edgefield and was greeted by a yummy coffee in a dainty cup and saucer. We made our choices and had lovely breakfasts and good conversation. I looked up pictures on my iPhone for Grandma to see what Matt's up to. I decided to show her their recent trip when Matt took Lizzie to Paris for her birthday. I handed it to my 81 year old Mother who doesn't know how to use a computer or text and said, "Swipe the screen to advance the pictures." Innocent, right?

Yep, no kidding ... she swiped "bitch f..." on a Facebook photo. Almost two hours later I saw what I she wrote on Lizzie's album. As you can see, Jessi defended me threw Grandma under the Short Bus, Matt accused me of being drunk and Lizzie topped it off with her sarcasm. Thank you Lizzie for being such a good sport and I knew your "how rude" was "how awesome!" Oh, Grandma! Thanks for the Laughs!

Jessi spent the night Saturday night and we watched the Blazers lose their 3rd series game. My Jessi was a Blazer Fan at a very young age ... I love this picture of her. She had has spirit!

Buck William's Shoes!

Sunday started with Tim delivering our favorite almond milk lattes to his favorite girls. We sat on the deck in the beautiful Sun and we were able to facetime with Matt and Lizzie for over an hour. We cooked, we ate and we sat in the Sun some more and relaxed the whole day ...

I hope you had a great weekend ...

Enjoy your Monday!

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favorites ... My Kids!

 I'm the luckiest Mom on Earth and I know all the other Moms are too!

Being a Mom is the most wonderful thing. Bringing a life into the world and watching them blossom. I've loved every stage of motherhood and I'm so happy to have a front row seat now that Matt and Jessi are adults. Tim and I are really loving watching our kids write their own stories  ...

We call him Matt Man and that's because he would put on his cape when he was little and jump off things yelling, "Matt-Man!" Matt has always had a young spirit and full of adventure. He's smart and funny!  Matt has lived in Europe for almost four years in his career with Amazon. He's happy in Europe and has a nice life there.  I miss him every day. I'm so grateful for the internet and skype. I love you, Matt Man ... Thank you for being the best Son!

We call her Jessi Girl. The name really fits. That's because she will always be our girl. She was the one that was going to live with us forever. She's full of life and adventure. She's smart and funny, too! Jessi always wanted to work for Nike and it's no surprise that she does. That has kept her close to home so far and for that I am grateful. I know she has big dreams and they could take her away. That's okay, though. We just want our kids to be happy. I love you, Jessi ...Thank you for being the best daughter!

The Golden Girls
These babies came to live with us after Matt and Jessi were gone. It was too quiet and I needed kids in the house. Bailey Bacon and Bella Beans have captured all of our hearts.

Matt and Lizzie
Matt loves Lizzie. He met her in Europe. She's from England and they both live in Luxembourg now. It makes me happy to see Matt happy! Happy Mother's Day to your Mum, Lizzie!


Life is good! Tim and I are so proud of our family ... I love that Matt and Jessi went to the London Olympics together and the hard hat and safety glasses, circa 1992 are priceless.

Love our family!

Happy Mothers Day to me! These Sneaks sent me on a scavenger hunt yesterday and here's what I found ...
Blog Machine!

Thank you, Matt and Jessi ... Tim, Bailey and Bella too!

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Liebster Award Acceptance ...

So far my Blogging experience has been a lot of fun!

 Today I received a Liebster Award from my new Bloglovin friend, Kristen

I borrowed this gif from Kristen :)

I'm supposed to answer these questions, write 10 new ones and send it on to my Bloglovin friends. I'm going to be a party pooper and just answer mine.

Here goes ...

1. Favourite guilty pleasure TV show.
This one is hard for me. I don't watch much TV. I suppose it was the Bachelor. I never was much into the eight packed, supermodel, ken dolls they offer up for the Bachelor, but I liked watching the cattiness of the girls.

2. Biggest pet peeve? 

Loud Chewing. It's that fingernails on the chalkboard thing for me. Well, maybe not these guys. I love little Pigs!


3. Favourite store - in person or online.

I have to say Amazon. There isn't another store that I find more convenient. It saves me a lot of time and a lot of money.

4. Which song do you hear and you can't help but shake your booty?

Thriller ...This is the only one that comes to mind. I think when it starts playing I see the video in my head.  P.S. I'm not sure mine is technically called a Booty.

5. Tell me the most random, awesome, strange fact about yourself.
I'm  Electric! 
That's this phenomenon and pattern of being hit on by Men and one Woman. This action seems to follow them having 3 Drinks. I'm a 3 Drink wonder!


 6. Favourite book? 

I'm not a very good book reader. I think it mostly has to do with my attention span. I start a book, restart it and most books I end up abandoning about half way. My favourite book, the one I could not put down was The New Earth  by Eckhart Tolle. This book helped me understand myself and how I interact with the world.

7. Who's your celebrity girl crush?

 I've never had a celebrity crush. If I had to name someone today, I'd say Michelle Obama. I think she is beautiful.

8. If you could meet anyone dead (not alive, and not a family member!) who would it be? you can answer why if you want.

I'd have to say Martin Luther King. I think that would be very inspiring.

9. Dream travel destination?

I'd love to go "Down Under" 

10. You have a million dollars. What do you do first?

Make a list of who I'm going to help with it. 

Thanks, Kristen!

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